Modular Homes, WA

Modern, transportable homes

Building a new home is an expensive business, and often stressful and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Transportable or modular homes are taking Australia by storm, and suddenly the opportunity to own or build a brand new home is within reach. Custom design your home, get it constructed off-site and delivered to your location. Get the experts to install it, and you now have a brand new home, one that is robust, attractive and way cheaper than building a traditional home. Get started on your dream house today.

Easy setup and installation

The beauty of buying a transportable home or a kit home, is that most of the construction takes place off-site. When the components are ready, they will be delivered to your site, where our team of specialists will assemble it. Before long, you’ll have a home that is as attractive and sturdy as any traditional home in your street or suburb.

Whether you require a small starter modern home, a luxurious manor or granny flat for the garden, we can design and produce a modular house that is not only practical but attractive as well.

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Friendly to the environment

Modular homes are less damaging to the environment. All the main components are manufactured from sustainable timber or recyclable steel. And, because your house is built off site, there is minimum impact to your land. It also means the neighbours have to endure a far shorter building period than if a traditional home was being built.

We also supply portable homes to the commercial sector. From offices and buildings to on-site accommodation, we’ve got you covered.

Less stressful

This type of housing affords you the benefit of relaxing while your home is in construction. It is the ideal solution for busy families and around-the-clock professionals. Our consultants offer a great support system throughout the process from the first enquiry to the handover phase and thereafter.

All our housing solutions are manufactured and constructed at our fully fitted yards. We take the entire construction process in our capable hands; the building materials are premium quality and our skilled staff is proficient and highly experienced, which ensures that you will receive one of the finest modular homes Perth has to offer.

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